Homework 0 - Scipy


This assignment gets you started with the basic tools you will need to complete all of your homework projects in Python.

Problem Description

You are a student who needs to install all the tools necessary to get started in CS4641.

Solution Description

On Unix/BASH you can create both of these directories at once with

$ mkdir -p cs4641/hw0

Windows uses the same commands for directory navigation and creation, cd and mkdir, but Windows’s mkdir command doesn’t have the -p option.

Note: the $ is the command prompt on most Unix shells and Windows 10’s Ubuntu BASH shell (would be something like C:\> in Windows cmd), the text after it is what you enter.

$ python --version > hw0-output.txt

> redirects the output of a program, in this case to the hw0-output.txt file. Important note: if the line above doesn’t write your Python version to the hw0-output.txt file then replace the > with 2> and try again. Some versions of Python, such as the one installed by Anaconda and miniconda, write the Python version to stderr instead of stdout. > redirects stdout and 2> redirects stderr. For more informaiton, this blog post has a nice discussion of the file descriptors stdin, stdout and stderr.

#/usr/bin/env python

import matplotlib as plt
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import scipy
import sklearn

print(f"Matplotlib version: {plt.__version__}")
print(f"Numpy version: {np.__version__}")
print(f"Pandas version: {pd.__version__}")
print(f"Scipy version: {scipy.__version__}")
print(f"Scikit-learn version: {sklearn.__version__}")

Double-Check your hw0-output.txt File

At this point your `hw0-output.txt file should contain

If your hw0-output.txt file is missing any of those elements you should redo all the steps that add content to hw0-output.txt in each of the previous sections.

Turn-in Procedure

Submit your hw0-output.txt file on Canvas as an attachment. When you’re ready, double-check that you have submitted and not just saved a draft.

Verify the Success of Your Submission to Canvas

Practice safe submission! Verify that your HW files were truly submitted correctly, the upload was successful, and that your program runs with no syntax or runtime errors. It is solely your responsibility to turn in your homework and practice this safe submission safeguard.