Machine Learning Problems

According to Tom Mitchell, machine learning is the study of algorithms that

A well-defined learning task is given by <P, T, E>.

Learning From Data Exercise 1.1

Formulate the problems in Learning From Data Exercise 1.1. as machine learning problems according to Tom Mitchell’s machine learning problem specification and the specification in Learning From Data. So for each problem you’ll specify:

Remember that a function maps a domain to a co-domain, and these domains are sets.

Turn-in Procedure

Write up your homework in a format that can be converted to a PDF file (like LaTeX) and name the PDF file ml-problems.pdf. Submit your ml-problems.pdf file on Canvas as an attachment. When you’re ready, double-check that you have submitted and not just saved a draft.

Verify the Success of Your Submission to Canvas

Practice safe submission! Verify that your HW files were truly submitted correctly, the upload was successful, and that your program runs with no syntax or runtime errors. It is solely your responsibility to turn in your homework and practice this safe submission safeguard.